6 Tips to Care of Your Shoes


Shows can be the dearest accessory for both men and women. Everyone takes time and pleasure in choosing a new pair for shoes for themselves, but soon enough, they forget to take care of them. The shoes can lose their life slowly if you do not take good care of them. These tips help take care of your favourite shoes so you can keep them shining for a long time.

Keep them clean

The first thing you have to do is to keep your shoes clean always. Clean up your shoes for even the smallest dirt or stain marks. The best way you can maintain them is by cleaning and brushing them after every use, but you can also take a week to brush them once. While leather shoes need more brushing, other fabrics may require a scrubbing session.


Store them properly

Do not litter your shoes around and have a separate store for them to protect them from dirt. You can also purchase shoe bags that are made of fabrics like cotton to catch any dust and moulds while the shoes are in. Do not let them be around your door as people can step on them and ruin them.

Use the right accessories

Purchase good quality cleaning accessories and tools for your shoes. The brush is the most basic tool that you will need. For leather shoes, you will also need polish and wax to protect them from outside dust. If you have black and brown colour shoes, keep separate brushes for them.

Remove old polish

Before you start cleaning your shoes, make sure to wipe off the old polish. Polish or wax can be sticky and can accumulate a lot of dirt. Use a mild fabric cleaning liquid and a piece of soft fabric to remove the hold polish. There are also some solvents available to clean hardened old polish. If you apply polish over the old layer, you will slowly lose the shine of your shoe.

Use conditioners

When you have leather shoes, you need to moisturize them at least two times a year. Many people complain about buying high-quality leather shoes, but they do not last long. It is because the leather can dry out over time and break from the dry areas. Conditioning them with a moisturizer can keep them soft and long-lasting.

shoes properly

Dry the shoes properly

Do not keep wearing wet shoes. If it has been raining and your shoes are wet, wear some other pair the next day. Air-dry the shoes till the water moisture on it completely evaporate. You do not have to necessarily keep them under the sun as it can damage the shoes more. Use a soaking cloth or newspaper to absorb excess water. Also, avoid wearing leather shoes during raining seasons.

6 Tips to Care of Your Shoes

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